International media coverage

Quirkology on the cover of The Skeptic Magazine.

Good Morning America
reports on the launch of Quirkology .

Scientific American
column on Quirkology.

The results of our year long research into New Year's resolutions are reported in The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph.

The Daily Telegraph
and Good Morning America reports on some initial findings from The Pet Personality Project.

The Guardian publishes an extract from Quirkology, exploring lying and the search for the world's funniest joke.

New Scientist carries features on Quirkology, including why ducks are the funniest animals and the personality of vegetables.

The Daily Telegraph and The Times report our Total Recall experiment.

The Times devotes a cover story to a Quirkology study revealing how to write the perfect personal ad.

The Daily Telegraph carries a feature described the quirkology of giving, and the secret psychology behind your surname.

Media in over 20 countries report our pace of life work, including The New York Times, The Times, and the BBC.


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