The Mirror

The fifth video in the Curious Psychology series is perhaps the most detailed, requiring several days planning and filming to create the final shot. Popular among young people, magicians and educators alike, the method behind The Mirror is either obvious to the viewer immediately, or remains a total mystery, even on repeated viewings. Like all the best puzzles, the "how did he do that?!" moment is key, culminating with the mysterious disappearance of one of the props.

In magic performance terms, this is the first time an object has been vanished while remaining in full sight. Prof Wiseman has deliberately chosen not to reveal the method, preferring to let the viewer figure out how they were fooled. Keep your eye on the banana…

DISCLAIMER: This video is copyright Richard Wiseman, all rights reserved. This video may not be used or re-created for any commercial purpose without permission, and may not be altered or edited for any purpose without permission.


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