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Quirkology experiments have gathered worldwide attention, been shown on TV and in print all over the globe, and are of course the subject of Professor Wiseman's book.

People often ask Prof Wiseman where he gets his ideas for Quirkology experiments, and like to suggest their own. We encourage the submission of ideas, and if we like yours it might even become a Quirkology experiment! If you have a great idea for an experiment or a question that you think should be investigated, send it to us using the form linked below.

We do read all submissions but due to the high volume of mail we receive, cannot reply or give feedback to individuals. If we are interested in turning your idea into an experiment, we will send you an email in due course.

Submit your Quirkology ideas here.

Thanks for your interest!

Terms and conditions: By submitting an idea or question to the Quirkology website you agree to let Richard Wiseman, Quirkology and/or its agents use or develop the idea or question for use on this website, in the media, future publications or any other source. No idea or question can be guaranteed to be unique, and submission of an idea does not guarantee you any intellectual property, copyright or other legal rights to it. Your name will be credited on this website if your idea or question is used.


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