The Psychological Card Trick

Following the enormous success of the Colour-changing Card Trick, Prof Wiseman created The Psychological Card Trick. This video also features cards and again lulls the viewer into a false sense of security before revealing how the brain has been fooled. Watch The Psychological Card Trick below.

DISCLAIMER: This video is copyright Richard Wiseman, all rights reserved. This video may not be used or re-created for any commercial purpose without permission, and may not be altered or edited for any purpose without permission.


Richard tells us a little about what went in to making the video.

"The success of the psychological card trick depends on the fact that the black tablecloth, and angle of the camera, makes it very difficult to judge distance. As a result, people cannot figure out how big or small the cards should actually look when they are close to, or a long way from, the camera, and so do not notice the two switches until the end of the clip.

Filming the clip was interesting because it quickly became apparent that my hand could not be in shot with either the small or large card without ruining the illusion. As a result, I had to create a series of moves that involved dropping the small card from out of shot, and holding the ace by its top corner (again, out of shot) and having it flop down onto the table."



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