Paranormality contains lots of interactive demonstrations that allow you to perform amazing feats.

To give you a flavour for these exercises, use the following stunt to convince your friends and family that you are in touch with the spirits.

First, have your friend sit or stand in front of you, and explain that you have the power to bring forth the spirits. Extend your first fingers on each hand and slowly bring them towards your friend’s eyes. As you do this, ask your friend to close their eyes and explain that you are going to put your fingers gently on their eyelids.

As your friend closes their eyes touch their right eyelid very lightly with the little finger of your left hand, and their left eyelid with the first finger of your left hand. You now have one hand free, but your friend will think that both of your first fingers are on their eyes.

Tell your friend that you are now going to summon the spirits. After a few moments, use your free hand to lightly touch their ear or hair. Next, tap them on the shoulder or tug at their clothing. Make these movements as quick and subtle as possible. Finally, bring your free hand back in front of their eyes. Slowly move your hands back from their face with both fingers extended and ask them to open their eyes. They will assume that you had your two first fingers over their eyes the whole time and will have no rational explanation for the spirit activity.

Once you get confident performing the trick, try this slightly more ambitious version. Before you begin, secretly place a straw into your pocket.

When you start the demonstration, half fill a glass of water and ask your friend to hold it in front of them using both of their hands. As before, appear to place your fingertips on their eyelids, and free a hand. Now, remove the straw from your pocket using your free hand and place it into the glass. Ask your friend to slowly count to ten to help summon the spirits. As they count away, carefully lean forward, use the straw to drink all of the water in the glass and then place the straw back into your pocket.

Have them open their eyes and explain that the spirits made their presence known by vanishing the water.


"Wiseman shows us a higher joy as he skewers the paranormal charlatans, blows away the psychic fog and lets in the clear light of reason"
Richard Dawkins
"...a fabulously funny and enlightening dissection of paranormal claims"
PZ Myers
"...both scholarly and hilarious...this fast-paced book, packed with exercises to try for yourself, is a terrific read"
Susan Blackmore