Photographic anomalies
During the investigation in the Edinburgh Vaults, the team took photographs in all of the vaults using 35mm, Polaroid, and digital cameras. Two of the resulting images contained curious anomalies.

One of the 35mm photographs (taken in Vault 9) had a ‘fogging’ over the centre of the image. A second image, taken a few moments later, did not contain this effect. The ‘fogging’ is clearly present on the negative and does not extend into the sprocket holes. The photograph showing the effect, and a second 'control' photograph, are shown below.

Green blob
The second anomaly was obtained on a Polaroid photograph in Vault 4, and involved a large green ‘blob’ in the corner of the film. Prof Wiseman and others have experimented with various ways of manipulating Polaroid films to obtain this effect. Although it is possible to obtain a variety of effects using pressure and other forms of manipulation, they have yet to replicate this exact anomaly.The Polaroid photograh is shown below.

It seems likely that these anomalies have a normal, rather than paranormal, explanation, and the team welcome any suggestions and comments from those with photographic expertise.