Prof Wiseman is regularly invited to speak at public events, academic meetings, and business conferences.

He frequently talks about the psychology of luck to various organisations, and also provides training in the detection of deception to city banks, law firms and fraud investigators. Keynote addresses have included those at Microsoft, Caltech, and Google. He is also a regular featured speaker onboard the Queen Mary 2.

Invited public talks include those at The Royal Society, The Royal Television Society, The Royal Statistical Society, The Royal Society for the Arts, and The Royal Institution. Festival appearances include the Edinburgh International Science Festival, the Cheltenham Festival of Science, the BA Festival of Science, and the Winchester Festival of Art and the Mind.

Prof Wiseman has also created and presented various live performances. He worked with best-selling author Simon Singh (Fermat’s Last Theorem, The Code Book) to present Theatre of Science. This show attracted sell out audiences at The Soho Theatre in London and transferred to an off-Broadway venue as part of New York’s art+science festival.

More recently he teamed up with The Wellcome Trust to stage a series of shows examining the science behind contortion, sword swallowing and extreme juggling.


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